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Greetings Parish Family and Friends!

With the permission of our Bishop Susan Bell, we will be reopening for services on Sunday, September 20!

Attendance will be by reservation only on Sunday mornings. We can only accommodate 50 people. Please call the office by Friday morning before 10:00am each week to reserve your spot.


If you are unable to attend in person on Sunday mornings, the service will be live streamed on our Facebook page. You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch. The website is www.facebook.com/AscensionHamilton.

All other parish in person meetings and activities are still suspended until further notice.

Please read the following letter from our Interim Rector Reverend Dr John Stephenson and pay special attention to the protocols in this letter which are designed to keep everyone safe!

Dear Members and Friends of The Church of the Ascension,

Since last March 15, we have been on what has become a long and onerous journey. We have had to refrain from so many of life’s blessings including the comfort and joy of attending worship in our church. I began my ministry at the Church of the Ascension just prior to the shutdown. Here we are now six months later. I am thankful that I have been able to speak with many of you and to meet some of you in physically-distanced meetings and visits. I look forward to meeting many more.

As I write, the number of cases in our province and city are still low enough that we are able to reopen the church. At least in the first months of reopening, however, the reality of services will be in some key ways very different. Beginning Sunday September 20, we will resume Sunday services at 10:00 am and Wednesday services also at 10:00 am. Here is a glimpse of how worship will be conducted. What follows is in accordance with Public Health and Diocese of Niagara guidelines for large gatherings.

† We have to treat attendance at Sunday services much like you would going to a restaurant: If you wish to attend, you must call the office before Friday at 10:00 am to reserve a seat. When you call, indicate the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those attending with you. We are allowed an attendance of only 50. Physically-distanced, we can accommodate 32 in the Nave, 4 in the chapel, 4 in the Chancel and, if necessary, 10 in the rear balcony. Once 50 has been reached, we will not be able to accommodate any others.

† When you arrive at church, you will enter from the Forest Avenue door putting on a face covering prior to entering. As you enter, you will notice a number of signs including arrows. Please follow all directions to ensure everyone’s safety.

† Upon entering, you will come to a table where you will be greeted and your attendance noted.

† You will proceed into the Nave where you will see a table with copies of the Bulletin of the day. Please take a copy and when you leave, take it with you. On this table will be an offering plate. You are invited to place your gifts on the plate. At the conclusion of the service, a warden will take the plate to the office.

† Once you have a Bulletin, you will proceed to any chair that is unoccupied. All chairs in the Nave have been carefully physically-distanced. Please DO NOT move chairs. Much work has gone into spacing them appropriately. You will remain at your chair throughout the service with the exception of proceeding to a washroom if needed.

† During the service, please do not sing. A cantor physically-distanced in the Chancel will sing the hymns. The rest of us are invited to reflect on the meaning of the hymns as they are sung.

† At the passing of the peace, everyone is encouraged to give a sign of peace to those in the immediate vicinity. Please DO NOT make physical contact with others or leave your seat.

† Communion will be in one kind only: bread (our Theology has always maintained that Communion is full with only bread). The Celebrant will bring the bread to you and give you the bread using a pair of tongs to ensure minimal handling of the hosts.

† At the end of the service, everyone will exit the Nave past the Hawkins Chapel, through the courtyard, and out the John St. door (exceptions for entry and exit will be made for those physically challenged). There will be no Coffee Hour in the church and you are asked not remain in the Nave.

† Regretfully, Sunday School cannot be provided during the Amber Stage.

† For those who wish to join in, there will be a virtual Coffee Hour via ZOOM which will begin 30 minutes after the end of the service.

† Those coming to Wednesday Eucharist will not need to call to reserve a seat but will be required to sign in with name, address, and phone number on arrival.

† The Church will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each service.

We do not know how long this strange regimen will be necessary. However, with our Lord’s gracious help we will endeavour to make our worship meaningful. For those not wishing to attend, Sunday Services will be live-streamed in their entirety.

The prime imperative is always safety. Our Bishop has said that members 70 years of age and older should be “encouraged to refrain from attending” during this Amber Stage.

We look to the future with hope. Together we will get though this. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. John Stephenson Interim Priest-in-Charge, The Church of the Ascension.


The feeling that the church is home, that a warm greeting and a generous, happy spirit are the hallmarks of it's membership, that the moment you walk in you are "part of the family" - these are the criteria for a healthy and vibrant parish. Anyone with a soul generated by God, with a heart created from love, is a child of God - and thus "part of the family".

Our doors are wide open for visitors who would become family, and it is our honour to welcome anyone to come and worship with us - wherever you are on your faith journey - as part of our family. We invite you to consider joining us for one of our services, and we hope that you will enjoy your time with us.


During this time of uncertainty, we thought our parish family and friends might enjoy "A Little Music!" #inthistogether

To view more of our music videos, please click here!


The Church of the Ascension is excited to welcome The Reverend Dr John Stephenson as our Interim Rector! Please watch below as Stan Bowers gets to know John a bit better!

John Stephenson


Thank you for not wearing any of the following during your visit to The Church of the Ascension:

Please refrain from wearing cologne, after shave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragranced hair products, and/or similar products.

Many people are sensitive to these products and these scents can cause a variety of illness. We thank you for your kind cooperation.


The Church of the Ascension has several spaces that are available for rentals. Please contact Ruth Faulks through the church office at 905-527-3505.

For more information please click HERE to view our Room Rentals Brochure.


New Worship Space

The renovations on our historic church building are finished! Please join us as we worship in our new space!

Photos of the renovation process and of our Re-Dedication Service are now available on our website and on our Facebook Page. Please click HERE to go to our photo gallery or click on the link in the left sidebar. We will update the photo gallery whenever new pictures are available, so check back often! Photos are also available on our Facebook Page. Please "Like" us!

Camera Many of our photos are courtesy of Historical Hamilton and photographer Paul Dolanjski. Please visit their website for more wonderful photos of our church and other historical buildings in the Hamilton area.

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