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The Achievement Breakfast Club (A.B.C.) continues its ministry at Queen Victoria School, where we serve muffins and yogurt alternate Thursdays with a 125 ml carton of milk. Volunteers bake 400 muffins every other Wednesday following the Communion service at 10:45 a.m. We are thankful for the teachers and principal being so receptive to the program. It makes a difference in the children's lives and their performance at school.

An additional benefit of the A.B.C. is that we are forming a wonderful reciprocal relationship with Queen Victoria School. We are calling on each other for support in activities. As resources are limited for them and for us it is nice to know that we can approach our neighbourhood school and they in turn can approach us for help. For more information on joining with us as a volunteer, please email secretary@ascensionchurch.ca, fill out the contact form on the right of this site, or leave at message at the church office: 905-527-3505


St.Matthew's House, an outreach ministry of the Diocese of Niagara, offers many services to a needy community. Parishioners at the Church of the Ascension contribute non-perishable food items throughout the year. At Christmas we provide gifts for some of the children at St. Matthew's House through the Giving Tree.


In addition the Church of the Ascension is pleased to provide a meeting place for the following groups:

Alcoholics Anonymous Groups
Welcome Baby