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Modern information and communication technologies play a role in the activities of the Church of the Ascension.

You may access our website and browse without disclosing your personal information.

There are several email forms that allow you to volunteer information and send emails regarding subjects that may be personal in nature. These are emailed only to Church Staff and are not accessible by any other persons or volunteer unless indicated.

Personal information about churches, employees and employers are posted online only after the consent of said persons is obtained. We do not sell or share personal information with any other third parties. Participant, Employer, Employee and Church information may be passed between the Church of the Ascension and the Diocese of Niagara only.

This policy is not intended to nor does it create any contractual or legal right in or on behalf of any party and is intended for information purposes only.

Any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, our forms and any other part of our website can be sent to secretary@ascensionchurch.ca.